Sep 24, 2014

Restoran Capitol Satay (Celup) - the One and Only

She said;

Melaka, a food heaven known for its “Chicken Rice Ball”, “Chendol Durian”, “Pineapple Tarts”, “Satay Celup” and many more. During my many previous trips to Melaka, Satay Celup ('Celup' is the Malay word that means dip or dunk) is the only indulgence that I never got to taste. Previous attempts when I arrived at the shop - it was either closed, or a very long queue has formed. The many ‘incredible comments’ online saying that Satay Celup is so tasty that you should not miss, made me crave for Satay Celup even more.

Restoran Capitol Satay sign.

Finally I started craving for it again after hearing from a friend that recently visited Melaka. So my hubby and I dropped by Melaka just for Satay Celup.

Restoran Capitol Satay - the queue.
We arrived Capitol Satay Celup before 5pm, the first thing we saw was the long queue outside the shop, and people in the restaurant savoring the Satay Celup; looking at the notice board and we realized the restaurant actually opens at 4pm daily; no wonder the long queue.

It was quite interesting that there were many notice boards where the restaurant owner declared that there are no other sisters, brothers and branches of Capitol Satay Celup, and the shop we went to is ‘The ONE and ONLY’.

Restoran Capitol Satay - disclaimers.
NOTICE: "Please be informed that Capitol Satay DO NOT have any sisters, brothers or branches in Malacca or anywhere else. DON'T BE MISLED!". There are actually 2 MORE of these notices at the 2 front pillars of the shop (not in the picture)

Restoran Capitol Satay - the wait.
After waiting for an hour plus, we were finally seated.

As we sat down, the shop assistant start preparing the satay sauce for dipping, smelled good!

There were quite a variety of satay sticks available; fish balls, tofu, prawns, kangkung etc, all were common food that we have in steamboat restaurant. I especially enjoyed the tiger prawns, scallops and abalone.

Restoran Capitol Satay - food selection.
Now, if you were to ask me if I will revisit satay celup again since I craved so much for it?
I think my answer is ‘No’. I will not specifically go for it but I will not mind going with a group of friends if anyone were to suggest to go for Satay Celup.

If you ask me, "Why ‘No’?"
Hmm… now that I have tasted it, the ‘curiosity cat’ in me is satisfied.

If you ask me, Why the ‘curiosity cat’ did not have the urge to go back again?
I think the answer will be… Satay Celup is just any food that you can dip in satay sauce, and I do think to a certain extent that the satay sauce overwhelmed the natural taste of the food.

Restoran Capitol Satay - enjoying the experience.

However, if anyone that has not tasted Satay Celup, I will encourage to you to try it at least one time, maybe you will like it. Whether or not you will like Satay Celup, it is personal preference, I do know some of my friends are devoted fan of Satay Celup.

He said;

I am not the type of person who will wait in line but I am willing to satisfy my partner. So that Saturday weekend (20 September 2014) we stop over at Melaka for the famous Capitol Satay Celup. Prior to going I had to do my 'research';
  • Where is the shop?
    41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka.
    GPS Coordinates: N2 11.710 E102 15.137

  • What time does it open?

While I am a person that does not like waiting (too long / in a queue) for food, I am willing to go early (before the shop opens). We arrived 4:45pm and noticed that there were customers already enjoying their satay celup and a long line has formed - The food blogs I 'researched' said the shop opens at 5.00pm - outdated! It now opens at 4.00pm.

Never mind, I was still in a good mood so we waited ... waited ... and waited till 5:49PM.

This single shop only had 10 tables of various sizes, and depending on your group size the shop assistant will sit you accordingly. Since it was only my partner and I, the shop assistant asked if we were willing to share the table with other patrons. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: if you are willing to share your table, you risked the chance of other double-dipping into the Satay Celup broth (e.g. dip to cook, take a bite, "oh ... not enough sauce", dip the stick back into broth again) .

Anyway, we shared the table with 3 other patrons. I took a few sticks from the fridge and each stick cost RM1.00. Some of the more premium ingredients like tiger prawn, abalone, scallop, and cutter fish were provided later by the shop assistants.

The first bite, I taste a 'burned taste' - this was due to the heavy satay gravy ingredients that is settling down at the base of the pot - getting burned. Subsequently (and periodically) the shop assistants came by to control the gas flames, add more satay gravy, and stir the whole pot vigorously. It was fine after that.

This is not the first time eating satay celup as I've been to another restaurant providing the same. Based on memory, that experience was better. Anyway, I had my taste of Capitol Satay Celup, on to the next indulgence.

Other Comments;
I posted some photos of the experience on Facebook and some of my friends (from Melaka) had this to say;
  • Try the Satay Celup at Ong Kim Wee. We locals prefer there
  • It's (Capitol Satay Celup) overated!
  • Suggest you go to Ban Lee Xiang at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. Not so crowded and easy to find parking. And the boss is more customer friendly compared to Capitol. And it is open around 4pm or 4.30pm... 

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