Dec 1, 2015

Dreamy Christmas at Paradigm Mall

JAT Paradigm Mall - Dreamy Christmas
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Christmas is one of my favorite time of the year (next being the Chinese New Year). One of the reason is because the shopping malls usually pull out all the stops and decorate their respective complex to bring out the festive cheers (and hopefully the shoppers' wallets *smile*).

The first mall that started early with their Christmas decoration was Paradigm Mall ( located along the Damansara-Puchong Highway (commonly known as 'LDP' acronym for highway's Malay name 'Leburaya Damansara-Puchong').

The mall theme is called "Dreamy Christmas" and it has aligned the decorations to the upcoming "Snoopy and Charley Brown: The Peanuts Movie". At one of the entrance to the main area, your family and you can to snap a photo with your favorite Peanuts characters.

JAT - Dreamy Christmas The Peanut Characters

JAT Paradigm Mall Christmas decoration 1
Once you enter the main area you'll able to see more individual characters such as Schroeder, and Patty on the right side of a blue house (I'm not sure if it was to be align to the production studio, Blue Sky Studios that is producing the movie).

In my opinion the mall could have the piano songs playing in the background, giving the impression that Schroeder was playing :-)

JAT Paradigm Mall Christmas decoration 2
 This is the the main 'stage' where performances are held. Not very big but the house allows performing artists to rest and store their equipment during intermission.

On the left side of the house, you'll find more Peanut characters such as Linus van Pelt, Sally Brown, and Charlie Brown.

JAT Paradigm Mall Christmas decoration 3

Surrounding this center page are stalls selling Christmas accessories, wares, and cookies.

JAT Paradigm Mall Christmas Performance schedulePerformances and Events
From 27 November 2015 to 3 January 2016, you and your family are treated to a number of events such as;
  • Santa Claus and Elf Meet & Greet
  • Snoopy Meet & Greet
  • Live Band performances
  • Carolers 
  • Live Bands
  • Harmonica performances
  • Dance show
  • Musical shows
Kindly refer to the photo on the right for the dates and times, or you can refer to the mall's Facebook page.

On the 29th November, an acapella group which calls themselves "Of Feathers and Chapters" ( performing a medley of Christmas carols and songs. This group was good and you can catch their performances on the weekends before and after Christmas.

If you look up from the center space, you'll see Snoopy's archnemesis the Red Baron flying overhead.

JAT Paradigm Mall - Red Baron

Overall the mall's Christmas decoration was rather simple but the trees, colors, lights and 'snow' does give out the Christmas mood, spirit and cheer.

Merry Christmas in advance !

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