Mar 28, 2016

Xiaomi Mi TV 2 - Setup and English UI Interface (firmware ver. 1.1.92)

Happy New Year 2016 all! (this post is a bit overdue as I was sharing these tips in the Xiaomi MIUI forum first)

I had recently purchased a Mi TV 2 55" with soundbar and sub-woofer from an ecommerce site during Christmas and it was delivered just a few days ago .

The first thing I had wanted to go was obviously to change the User Interface from Chinese to English Language. There were a few threads on this forum giving suggestions as well as on YouTube.

When the TV arrived, it came with firmware version 1.1.70 (Stable) and thanks to Alex's thread and video, I was able to use "XH Home for TV" to access the settings and change the language. (Thanks to @Alexfenix:

Even with the tips available and not being able to read or understand Chinese, I found myself having to trial and error with the options available till I found the right one . Hence I decided to produce a step-by-step video guide.

So to produce the video, I decided to do a Factory Reset, however unknown to me the TV had automatically updated it's firmware to version 1.1.92 (Stable). After the reset, I found that I was NO LONGER ABLE TO INSTALL "XH Home for TV". I started to panic and tried & error again as there was no tips or video regarding 1.1.92.

I FOUND A WAY , and it is using "Shafa Market" & "Shafa TV Launcher".

Below is a step-by-step video of what I did and I hope it helps you guys feel more comfortable about this TV and it's interface.

A short video of when;

  • the Mi TV 2 is first started up,
  • connecting to WiFi,
  • sound bar & sub-woofer, and
  • the sound test & Dolby surround demo.

A short video of the Mi TV 2 and the app, CloudTV which I used to watch live television channels streamed online.

Jan 18, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Chinese New Year festive season is one of my personal favourite time of the year. The malls are filled with elaborate decorations, activities, events and performances. One of the first malls my partner and I visited was 1 Utama Shopping Centre at Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.With the theme "Time To Flourish" the mall is decorated with bamboo fixtures, round lanterns that appear to represent flowers, and temporary stalls with streams of red ribbons hung on them. Another thing my partner and I chase after during this period are the performances, and during 16th (Saturday) and 17th January (Sunday) 2016, we manage to catch some.

On Saturday, 16th Jan 2015, the first lion acrobatic lion dance performance held at 1 Utama was Acrobatic Lion Dance performance by Kedah Hong Teik (2015 Genting Lion Dance Champion).

This lion dance troop was the champion during the recent 2015 17th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship organized by Resort World Genting. You can watch that performance here:

During this weekend, an event was taking place at the open air car park by the Old Wing of 1 Utama, and it was called "Pesta Selangor 2016". One of the performances featured was an Acrobatic Lion Dance performance by E-Xin Dragon And Lion Dance troop.

On Sunday, 17th Jan, there were two groups performing "24 Festive Drums" performances. The first group was from VR Drumming Academy and it featured 38 drummers at the New Wing lower ground (LG) Oval;

Next was by a famous lion dance troop, Kun Seng Keng and they too performed the "24 Festive Drums" with 24 teenage drummers at the Old Wing Ground Floor (GF) Centre Court;

Between these two groups, I felt the first was better. Perhaps it was due to a larger group of drummers with two distinct uniform colours and a flashy finish.

If you are interested to catch any of the performances that will run till the middle of Chinese New Year week, below is the schedule for 1Utama;

Happy Chinese New Year from 1 Utama.