Mar 2, 2015

Kepong Gangster 2 (甲洞2) - Meet The Fans Session

I was at Paradigm Mall on 28 February 2015 to catch the Prosperity Drums by Kwong Ngai Lion Dance troop but unfortunately that event was cancelled the last minute. It so happen there was another event taking place, a "Meet The Fans Session" from a local movie production. So I stuck around to watch this instead. This is the first time I met Stars from the entertainment and movie industry. This "Meet The Fans Sessions" was for a new local movie called "Kepong Gangster 2 (甲洞2)". The casts and director of the Kepong Gangster 2 have been traveling across Malaysia to promote their their movie, which was to be released in cinemas on the last day of Chinese New Year 2015 (Chap Goh Meh), 5 March 2015 (Thursday).

It was great to see that there was a substantial crowd that was present to support this movie. The session started slightly passed 7:30pm and it lasted close to 1 1/2 hours. The director and casts were given time to share the interesting moments and challenging bits they experienced in the movie. There was an opportunity for some fans to volunteer and pair up with their favourite stars to participate in a game. Finally, three of the stars gave the audience a treat by singing a song a piece.

The following is the session recorded in 3 parts;
Casts & Director (Left to Right): Danny Wan, Agnes Lim, Brien Pien, Queen Wei, Henley Hii 許亮宇, Billy Ng, Crystal Lee, and Director 馬逸騰 Teng Bee

Interview & Sharing by Director 馬逸騰 Teng Bee & Casts

Games & Interaction with the Fans

Singing by Henley Hii, Brian Pien and Queen Wei.

元宵節 3月5日 全國戲院 情義上映 !!

Kepong Gangster 2 (甲洞2) - poster.