Jan 4, 2015

A Step to Healthier Living - Air Fryer

Before the start of the New Year 2015, I decided to start eating healthier and get fitter. To aid me with this goal, I needed to get the right equipment. My partner and I started looking around electrical appliance stores for Air Fryers; the idea of frying food without oil. We came upon two different brands, Philips and Tefal, and were quite surprised with the hefty price tag.

Different choices of air fryers.

It ranged between RM799 to RM1699 … that was just too much when we are not sure how often we will be using it.

Air Fryers sold online.
I started searching online, and there were quite a number of choices from different online deals websites. I thought it would be better to purchase a more economical model and try out the general features first. If we find that we can really use the air fryer to cook and eat healthier, then only will I invest in a more established brand (with hopefully more advanced features).

In the end, I settled for this one,
Brand: Butterfly (Since 1935)
Model No: BAF-601D

Butterfly Air Fryers.
It was ordered from www.Lazada.com.my at a price tag of RM399.00 on 30 December 2014 (apparently the price has gone up to RM429.00 at the start of 1 Jan 2015) - Sold & fulfilled by Super Budget.

It was delivered by GDEX on 2 January 2015 - I was very surprised by the fast delivery as the website had initially indicated ‘Delivery in 5 - 8 Business days’. It was properly sealed with cling wrap and marked ‘Fragile’.

Here is the Product Description extracted from the site;

Living in a generation obsessed with unhealthy fast foods and deep fried snacks are fast becoming a social pandemic. Health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a myriad of other problems can usually be attributed to a lifestyle bereft of exercise and healthy eating. With the Butterfly Air Fryer BAF-601D, you don't have to think twice about the foods you're eating! Using high speed air circulation, the BAF-601D heats up the ingredients from all sides at the same time, making it healthier but still retaining the food's original flavour and taste! Instead of buying snacks soaked in oil, choose the BAF-601D for a healthier, more nutritious and inevitably more delicious option.

Being healthy never tasted this good!
Unlike conventional deep fryers that use the same oil to fry different batches of ingredients, the Butterfly Air Fryer BAF-601D doesn't even need oil to create foods with the wonderfully crispy exterior and moist interior that we love. That way, you can create scrumptious and healthy French fries, nuggets, curry puffs and all sorts of yummy snacks without worrying about how much oil you're consuming, because there isn't any! The BAF-601D is the perfect cooking partner because you can still create a more nutritious version of your favourite meals for your loved ones without ever compromising on quality and taste.

Fast and environmentally-friendly
With a 10L cooking capacity and powered by an impressive 1200 to 1400W, you can now produce amazing culinary results faster than ever before. No need to worry about your ingredients overdrying, with the digital preset cooking programme, you can leave the BAF-601D to do its job and be amazed by its prompt results! In addition to being a much healthier cooking option, the BAF-601D is also environmentally friendly due to its use of energy free, radiation free and smoke free technology. So what are you waiting for? Get the healthier cooking option for you and your family with the Butterfly Air Fryer BAF-601D.

The Unboxing

Butterfly Air Fryers - Box.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Unboxing.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Unboxing.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Equipment and accessories.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Instructions and warranty card.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Equipment and accessories.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Equipment and accessories.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Equipment and accessories.

Butterfly Air Fryers - Equipment and accessories.

The Accessories

Butterfly Air Fryers - Equipment and accessories.

  1. Low / High Rack - Low Rack: Good for cooking large food items such as roast poultry (full size), rice casserole, vegetable, etc. High Rack: Suitable for cooking food with the medium size, such as chicken wing and pizza.
  2. Steak Cage - Suitable for grilling fillet steak and seafood.
  3. Baking Cage - Suitable for french fries or other small size food to cook more evenly, crispy and less fat.
  4. Tong - A handy tool for carrying food or plate in and out of the air fryer.
  5. Chicken Fork - Suitable for skewing whole chicken and large steak.
  6. Baking Pan - Suitable for the brochette
  7. Butterfly Air Fryer BAF-601D

The First Test

To test our the Butterfly Air Fryer BAF-601D, I decided to fry some chicken nuggets.
I loaded the Baking Cage with 10 pieces of Ayamas Golden Chicken Nuggets (direct from the freezer without defrosting), pressed the 'Fry' button which preset the temperature at 230'C and the cooking time for 25 minutes.

The temperature and cooking time can be adjusted using the (+) and (-) buttons.

Butterfly Air Fryers - In use.

The result, the chicken nuggets were cooked right through and it was crispy when we bite into them.
Butterfly Air Fryers - Fried chicken nuggets.

As you can see from the paper towel, there was very little oil produced from the nuggets itself. 
Butterfly Air Fryers - Fried chicken nuggets.

I will include a short video of the cooking processing once it is ready.
In the mean time, I am thinking what other foods I am going to try out next.