Mar 28, 2016

Xiaomi Mi TV 2 - Setup and English UI Interface (firmware ver. 1.1.92)

Happy New Year 2016 all! (this post is a bit overdue as I was sharing these tips in the Xiaomi MIUI forum first)

I had recently purchased a Mi TV 2 55" with soundbar and sub-woofer from an ecommerce site during Christmas and it was delivered just a few days ago .

The first thing I had wanted to go was obviously to change the User Interface from Chinese to English Language. There were a few threads on this forum giving suggestions as well as on YouTube.

When the TV arrived, it came with firmware version 1.1.70 (Stable) and thanks to Alex's thread and video, I was able to use "XH Home for TV" to access the settings and change the language. (Thanks to @Alexfenix:

Even with the tips available and not being able to read or understand Chinese, I found myself having to trial and error with the options available till I found the right one . Hence I decided to produce a step-by-step video guide.

So to produce the video, I decided to do a Factory Reset, however unknown to me the TV had automatically updated it's firmware to version 1.1.92 (Stable). After the reset, I found that I was NO LONGER ABLE TO INSTALL "XH Home for TV". I started to panic and tried & error again as there was no tips or video regarding 1.1.92.

I FOUND A WAY , and it is using "Shafa Market" & "Shafa TV Launcher".

Below is a step-by-step video of what I did and I hope it helps you guys feel more comfortable about this TV and it's interface.

A short video of when;

  • the Mi TV 2 is first started up,
  • connecting to WiFi,
  • sound bar & sub-woofer, and
  • the sound test & Dolby surround demo.

A short video of the Mi TV 2 and the app, CloudTV which I used to watch live television channels streamed online.