Sep 16, 2014

JAT’s Trick to getting the Best On-line Deals

In my first few posting I mentioned about items that I had purchased online (Bayers Dual Stage Slow Juicer and Citrus Zinger Bottle). In the past, when I was looking for stuff and appliances, I will go from one (physical) shop to another to compare prices, quality and have a feel of the product. The only things I was comfortable purchasing online were plane tickets and hotel reservations.

These days, I have grown accustom to purchasing various items online. There are so many online purchasing sites, deals, and (so called) group/bulk purchases. To name a few that I frequent;

Different sites offer different types of deals, some may focus on food, some on electronics and some are all-encompassing. Now with online purchases, one cannot physically check on the quality and have a feel of the product, however I still wish to make sure I get the ‘best’ deal.

Do I go from one online site to another to search and compare prices?
There is a trick that I use and it is an online site called This site has a section called ‘Daily Deals’ that pulls information from numerous online sites (like the above) and consolidates them together to one single site.

Comparing products and pricing.If you are looking for something specific, you can enter your ‘Search’ name and then ‘Sort By’ price for example (click on the image to enlarge). Remember the slow juicer I purchased, I use this trick to search for it.

This trick allowed me to;
  • Compare Prices of products matching the search.

  • To see if the product is being sold on multiple online sites.

  • If it is sold on multiple sites, is their ‘Value’ and ‘Savings’ the same? – this to be important (to me) because I have seen different sites selling the same product (identical brand & supplier) but their value and savings are different. This indirectly tells me that someone is lying.

  • To find similar products but at a more economical cost.

  • Compare other finer details like ‘delivery time’, ‘warranty periods’, and possible hidden charges/conditions (e.g. meal/food deals that only valid on non-public holidays – pay more (surcharge) if you wish to use it on public holidays).

  • See how many OTHER people are comfortable buying that item or deal. It is not a hard-and-fast rule but my thought is if more people are purchasing it there is more likeliness I can find reviews about it online.

Once you're comfortable with the amount of information you have, click on that specific deal and it will direct you to the site offering it.

So there you have it. I hope this post has been helpful to you, and please feel free to share your thoughts on how you get the best deals online in the comments section below.

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