Sep 15, 2014

Citrus Zinger Bottle

For detoxing purpose or just to spice up the bland taste of water, people have added lemon slices and other fruits into their drinking water.

In my pursue of getting healthy in an easy and simple manner, I came about the Citrus Zinger Bottle. This bottle allows for a halved cut fruit such as a lemon or orange to be inserted at the base of the bottle while juicing the fruit. Then the drinking water is inserted to the top portion of the bottle and you’re ready to go.

I came about this bottle while browsing online sales sites but finally I ordered the bottle from online site, Qoo10 Malaysia ( There appears to be many suppliers however the design is relatively the same. There was also an option of one with fixed straw. I did not wish to complicate matters (and to have more parts to wash) hence I decided on the default. It cost me RM14.55 per bottle and there was shipping charges of RM9.60 involved.

Delivery was very prompt as I ordered the bottles on 21 August 2014 and there were delivered on 25 August 2014.

Dissemble Bottle.

Eager to try out the bottle I zipped to the nearest Aeon Big ( to purchase some lemons. I am not sure if it is expensive or not – one lemon was priced at RM1.55. If you buy in a bag of 5, it will be RM7.50 (RM1.50 per lemon). There was an additional discount for Aeon Big Members, RM6.80 per bag of 5 – fortunately I am a member.

Citrus Zinger Bottle in use.The outcome; the resulting water has a refreshing taste. When the water was finished, I just simply top it up again and there was still some lemon taste on the 2nd top up.

I’m satisfied with this purchase and now enjoying my lemon flavoured water.

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